The history about Diesel and Diesel sunglasses



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Diesel brand started way back in 1978 and the founder was Renzo Russo. He was born in 1955 in Italy. His parents were farmers but he had no remote interest in farming. He went to textile production school where he found his love for fashion and fabrics. By 1979, Rene Russo had made his diesel men’s wear collection and hit it big in the market. He had taken over the management of Moltex, which produced trousers at the tender age of twenty.

Rene Russo had total control of the diesel brand in 1990 as well as its manufacturing. He then decided to make it a global enterprise. He had handpicked graduates from all over the world and gave them complete freedom on what to design. That hit it big with the European market. In 1989, diesel was a very big company and had presence in nearly forty countries and its sales reached 130 million bucks. Diesel sells jeans, apparel and its sexy sunglasses.

The diesel sunglasses are striking visually. They will raise eyebrows and turn heads when you sport them. The diesel brand needs no introduction as its reputation precedes itself. They will compliment your fashion attire on the whole. Millions of people buy from the house of diesel and they are Avant Garde brand. This brand is famous with kids, men and women alike. Diesel sunglasses are the most beautiful and spectacular sunglasses you will every lay your eyes on. Diesel has made a strong statement in the market, be it sunglasses, jeans and accessories. These sunglasses have changed the perception that men are less fashion conscious then women. Wear it and the see effect yourself. Diesel addresses its audience equally. There are wonderful and dreamy sunglasses for men and women both.

These unisex sunglasses are for men and are among Diesel’s best products. These sunglasses are aviator sunglasses and it has black and red resting hooks and is full rimmed. These are made from stainless steel and perfect for metro sexual men.

These sunglasses are for men only. These stylish sunglasses are double bridged and have a metallic frame. These sunglasses are full rimmed and masculine in outlook. It is available in three shades which are shiny black, gold and palladium.

These sunglasses are an extension of diesel Zingri. The different shades create a killer look. These sunglasses are tailor made for parties and black tie events. You surely can not go wrong with this one on.

These sunglasses are for women. They have a nice girly touch to them. These sunglasses are rectangular in shape, full rimmed, double bridged along with a metallic frame. Women will always fell flat for these sunglasses. Wearing these will make you an It girl in your fashion vicinity.

These sunglasses are for men typically but women have taken a liking to it as well. Diesel carry on sunglasses are the women’s version of aviator sunglasses. The shades available are shiny Ruthenium, Gold taupe and light brown. The temples are made of leather and resting hooks are red and brown in color.

These unisex sunglasses are double bridged and shaped in navigator style. They are made from metal and are available in gold and black shades. The black shades give men a corporate look. Men can not resist the temptation to buy these.

Some of the popular models in diesel sunglasses for women are

1: Diesel 0112

2: Diesel 0138

3: Diesel 0104

4: Diesel 0079

5: Diesel 0094

6: Diesel 0066

The diesel sunglasses have changed the paradigm that men are less fashion conscious then women. Just wear them and notice the magic.


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