The history of Carrera and Carrera sunglasses


Carrera is one of the most top-notch and highest selling eyewear brand in the world right now. It made its mark in the 1950’s. But most of its 70’s and the 80’s designs were what caught the attention of the millions of people around the globe. It’s a highly renowned brand and very popular among the elites.

Based on an Austrian sports eyewear brand by Wilhelm Anger, the Carrera was inspired and Carrera Panamericana came into being. It was in 1956. Then 2 decades later the company changed its name to Optyl International and started developing ski masks and goggles for motorcyclists. It devoted itself to be a sportswear. In the 60’s a lot of work was done on the material and dimensional stability of the product by Wilhelm himself. In 1974, the company was retitled CARRERA International and it established its headquarters in Traun, Austria. Then it went to have a partnership with vehicle designer Ferdinand Alexander to progress further on the sunglass collection of CARRERA Porsche sponsored various sports events such as Formula1 racing and Olympics in the 80’s.

Later in the 90’s the Safilo Group bought the company and shifted the headquarters to Padova, Italy. Ever since then Carrera sunglasses have been a hit among the sports folk and various other celebrities. The brand named is inspired by the trans-Latin American auto race, “La Carrera Panamericana.

The tagline of the brand is very interesting and according to the product they are selling and the target audience. “Racing sunglasses” is the tagline and it gives the motivation and a catchy effect to the buyer and is very cool at the same time.

The frames of Carrera are available in the following color range: pink/white, green/Havana, black/yellow, violet/white, white/blue and orange/black. The main style statement of the brand is retro and that is what it makes its sunglasses on.

The target audiences of the brand are young women and men who have what it takes, who are ready to experience anything in life and are up for any sort of adventure. Carrera represents adventure, spontaneity, thrill and excitement.

The brand is popular among celebrities and they are often spotted on various day events, sports events flaunting their pair of Carrera eyewear. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Madonna etc. are seen wearing Carrera sunglasses. The brand has not taken over the music industry but also the acting industry. Hollywood is full of celebrities that prefer Carrera as their sunglass brand. Gwen Stephanie, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, they are spotted with Carrera sunglasses. The brand has also sponsored videos and music albums for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Usher etc.

The glasses have a verity of style. The retro style and the material is good. The multi layered lens with gradient colors is also its specialty. They make sure that the buyer looks classy and chic in the sunglasses and thus put in a lot of effort in not only the material but also the design and style of the eyewear brand.

The logo of the brand appears on the ear stick of the sunglasses so to distinguish the real brand from the fake ones in the market. Carrera sunglasses have variety of models such as Carrera 34, 37, 38 etc. Carrera Champion; they are mainly for sportswear and thus have an athletic edge to it.  It has made its mark in the world of style because of its specialized work in sports and because of the chic styles it has produced such as the aviators, they have reinvented the style of aviators and this is why they are popular among the customers, it gives them a thrilling experience.


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