The history of Chloe and Chloe sunglasses

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The French fashion label called Chloe was established by Gaby in 1952. It was a fashion label dealing in ready made clothes. Various other fashion labels at that time were involved in making made to measure clothes, called Haute Couture. The principle of Haute Couture was that you get what you pay for. The luxurious fabrics and the intricate detailing of the clothes clearly meant for the elite class. They were extremely pricey. Chloe had seen this fashion gap and decided to step in with their Haute Couture and ready made clothes. Chloe then created clothes which were body conscious and the kind customers had not adhered to yet. It was made from soft and fine fabrics that were not flowing or constricted. It was a critical fashion breakthrough and stormed the fashion industry.

Chloe then went on to become iconic brands of the 70’s. Its clients included the likes of Jackie Kennedy; wife of John F Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot.

Chloe’s principle designer was Lagerfeld at that time. Then the help of Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo was sought. They were instrumental in giving the brand a feminine touch and a romantic feeling. Then Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst spearheaded the Chloe wear and attracted media and global attention to Chloe.

After 1998, Chloe started to produce different and new leather goods, sunglasses, prescription glasses and bags. Their products are timeless and have been a big hit in the fashion sector.

The seventies was a high time for Chloe sunglasses and it expanded into a range of oversized frames. It introduced many colors in its designs. But however, they decided to stay in touch with the market as that was their edge. These sunglasses are the perfect addition to summer wear. Chloe sunglasses can fit every face. The supply is always limited so as not to destroy the delicacy and quality of the brand.

It is often the case when Hollywood celebrities become brand ambassadors for a particular brand then the value of the brand increases exponentially. Thus when celebrities sport sunglasses then a mutual trust, reliability and fashion value develops for the brand. So Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Alba, Micha Barton and Rachel Bilson started sporting Chloe sunglasses. Chloe brand has been in the fashion industry for 50 years now. Chloe’s sunglasses are available in a huge range of colors, shades, frames, lens and sizes.

Chloe has a huge range of sunglasses for women that surely top the fashion list. Chloe is the household name in top fashion. Chloe has many types of frames to its names such as Chloe aviator sunglasses. It has gold polymer frames with eggplant lenses. Then there are oversized sunglasses which have black lenses and horn colored frames. Chloe offers many colors. Colors boost the products of Chloe and thus Chloe is popular for its colors such as grey, plum, pink, cocoa and aquamarine.

Chloe CL 2119 Myrte sunglasses are available in ivory and tortoise colors. The Chloe 2172 and 2173 contains emblems at temples. The Chloe CL2157 model is very simplistic but at the same time very chic. It attracts many women like bees around candle. It’s available in numerous colors. Perfect synchronization can be noticed between ear piece, temple and Nose Bridge. It is a unique blend of modernity and vintage style. It has the merits of both models. These types of sunglasses are rare. The frames come in marine, plum, pink, ivory and grey colors. The model CL 2101 SCo3 from Chloe is made up of polycarbonate lens. They are scratch proof and provide protection from ultra violet radiation. The logo is always noticeable on the hinges.



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