The history of Fendi Brand and Fendi Sunglasses


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The history of Fendi

When it comes to fashion, there are few names that can supersede that of Fendi’s. Known throughout the world as being one of the most popular fashion brands around, Fendi has established itself as a trendsetter in the field of fashion design. Known across the globe for its ‘baguette’ handbags, Fendi has a popularity and reputation that few can match. The brand makes timepieces, writing instruments, fragrances eyewear as well as fragrances apart from its leather and fur line of handbags. Fendi isn’t a new player in the market, and was established back in 1925, making it one of the oldest fashion houses at present. And, having maintained such a high standard since its inception, Fendi has never compromised upon quality, which is the reason why it is so popular today. However, Fendi’s products are primarily aimed towards the elite, utopian society, with escalating prices and high end use of gems as well as high quality fur. Fendi has a long and illustrious history to boast, which dates back to 1925, when it was first set up as a small shop.

Edoardo and Adele Fendi opened up a small fur workshop and leather goods shop on the Via del Plebiscito in Rome. During that time, the middle class was desperately trying to recover, as the war had only ended seven years ago, and economies were still very unstable. During that time, the leather goods and fur workshop came as a breath of fresh air, because most people were highly pleased with the quality of the bags (and the material used) as well as skillful workmanship that was put in to the fur design. By 1932, the success of the shop could be seen from the fact that it had expanded, and the Fendi’s opened up a bigger and better shop and atelier on the Via Veneto. During that period, this residential period was slowly becoming a major commercial center.

During that time as the business was already growing, the fur workshop is enhanced in size and the Fendi reputation increases, even though it was already quite popular in Rome. However, nearby cities also began to know about the presence of Fendi. During that time, the brand became a synonym for high class style and taste. By 1946, Edoardo and Adele Fendi’s children had become attracted to the family business, and had begun to take interest. The daughter, Paola first began to show interest by the age of fifteen. The four sisters begin to enhance the business as they graduate from high school. During that time, Italy was undergoing massive reconstruction after the Second World War, and the role of women was massively developing during that time.

By 1964, Fendi was now known throughout Italy as being a symbol of class and style. Several other Fendi shops open up, such as the one on Via Borgognona. During the next year, the FF logo was created and Fendi began to work with Karl Lagerfeld, who was an up and coming designer from Paris. Lagerfeld singlehandedly changed the whole concept of fur and brought about unique ideas. In the next twenty years, the company saw massive popularity and fame and as a testament to the input and effort put in by Paola Fendi (the eldest daughter), the Italian President awarded her with the title of Cavaliere del lavoro.

By 1987, the third generation of Fendi had entered a new market, the Fendissime, which made sportswear and accessories, apart from fur. Fendissime was to grow independently from other lines operated by Fendi. In 1989, the Fendi Uomo, a popular fragrance was launched worldwide and heralded huge success. The first flagship store was opened during the same year in the United States, expanding the Fendi line outside of its home country. With the expansion of the market, Fendi also underwent expansion in 1992, increasing production and a complete reorganization of the premises of the company.

A couple of years after, in 1994, the company underwent administrative changes as the third generation of the Fendi’s was inducted in to the Board of Directors, and Paola Fendi gave up the reins of the company to her sister, Carla Fendi. In 1995, an assessment showed that Fendi had over 380 employees as well as 2000 more who were involved in various work related activities. Around 70% of all production in Fendi was to be exported, and the company had over a hundred boutiques, 2 direct stores of Fendi in New York and Rome, as well as 600 different points of sale across the world and in Italy too. At present, Fendi is one of the forerunners of the fashion market and have heralded massive success with stores now opening up in all parts of the globe, such as Dubai and other countries.

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