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Roberto Cavalli was born in Italy in the year 1940. His family was modest and had powerful artistic talents and customs. Grandfather was an impressionist painter and her mother was a tailor.

Cavalli started his career while being a student himself. He and his friend experimented, designed and worked their way through. His initial creation was to print on light and feathery leather. The print house was a combination of artist’s studio and craftsman workshop. This was accomplished only due to sheer knowledge of fabric and continuous experimentation with various technologies.

Roberto Cavalli had the procedure of printing on leather patented. During the next ten years of his life, he worked on patch quilt which is sewing the unmatched pieces of leather together. In the 1970’s he gained fame and recognition. This was the actual beginning of his career.

A big scandal took place when Roberto Cavalli in 1972 showed his collection in White Room Of Palazzo. It is situated in Florence. The models were wearing patchwork with denim. Denim was highly disliked by straight laced.

But the lion hearted Cavalli simply could not be subdued that easily and rose up to the occasion. He decided to protect his work and creativity.

In the 1990’s Roberto Cavalli with his wife Eva Duringer staged a comeback with their label. His catwalk was held in Milano Collezioni.

During the following years he expanded with his women wear collection. New labels were launched. For instance

1: Just Cavalli: Targeted towards youth

2:  Menswear

3: Underwear

4: Class: knitwear

5:  Freedom his causal clothing.

6: Eyewear

7: Time wear

8:  Home wear

9: Angels for children.

Affable guy

By nature Roberto Cavalli is an eclectic, friendly, social but ironic man. He is different from other designers with his liveliness and affability. He is very hospitable too. Further more, he is known to be always surrounded by friends and celebrate tiniest of successes. So his parties are also worth mentioning as very spectacular.

The brand and its motto

Roberto Cavalli is verily a world famous and class accepted fashion label around the world. Its target is to produce the best and amazing quality products which are termed as luxurious and challenge the fashion trends. With Cavalli brand, one can never go wrong. Cavalli sunglasses are the dream sunglasses for many people. They set trends and keep up with fashion in great style. It produces lenses which help in blocking the ultra violet sunlight. These glasses will give hundred percent UVA and UVB protection for eyes.

The sunglasses syndrome

Sunglasses have become the most integral accessory now and they come with a bagful of benefits.  Roberto Cavalli is the largest designer sunglasses brand and comes with its own set of features.

The different, bright colors and designing gives them an edge over other sunglasses. Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are for women with attitude and also are perfect for the sophisticated look.


One highly stylish and famous sunglass from the fashion house is the Roberto Cavalli RC 519S Fiordaliso sunglasses. The sunglasses are oval shaped and have rings on temples. The plastic frame used is very expensive and is available in four colors. The colors available are grey lenses and black frame, brown lenses with Havana frame, grey lenses and transparent brown and purple lenses with transparent purple frame. The unique and bright colors separate them from other sunglasses. These sunglasses are for women. They give a cultured and sophisticated look.

Another stylish and funky model is the Roberto Cavalli RC 524S Narciso sunglasses. These sunglasses are oversized and large. They are very intricately detailed. The frame and temples are designed splendidly. They are however available in numerous colors. They are styled for all face colors, shapes and textures. Last but not the least they block the ultra violet radiation.

These sunglasses are available on many online stores such as This website deals in designer sunglasses at affordable rates. The products are authentic and no copies are allowed. Even a certificate is provided.


Cavalli sunglasses are famous all over the world, but they deal in so many other products. Sunglasses are a category of their own and a class like no other. Innovation has kept the torch alight for Cavalli sunglasses as tattoos on frame’s arm, shaded patterns are all the work of the Cavalli brand.


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