The history of Lacoste and Lacoste sunglasses

Rene Lacoste was a French tennis player, who was number one in his time.

The Lacoste logo is always embossed on every product of the Lacoste brand, which means that it is their signature mark. The brand was founded in 1933 and is still alive and vibrant today.

Lacoste was famous for being very stubborn and pursuing his opponent till defeat. His dad was very harsh and had warned him to quit tennis, if he didn’t become a world champion in the subsequent five years. The opponent was always under pressure and gave in to his demands.

The Lacoste has an interesting background story as Rene Lacoste was nicknamed the alligator. He struck a deal with the captain of Davis Cup team America. He had made a bet that, if he won the match, he would own the crocodile skin suitcase and that happened. He won the match and was labeled the alligator. He started a company called Lacoste with Andre Giller. It was called La Chemise Lacoste.

Basically, Lacoste was dealing in tennis shirts only and the logo was there on the outside. Then, expanding further it went into hats, wallets and sunglasses.

The Lacoste sunglasses range

The 1980’s was the golden era of tennis and in that time Lacoste sunglasses were launched and they had the traditional 1980’s look and feeling to it. They were retro and vivid. The aviator sunglasses were the most common ones from Lacoste sunglasses range. They are available in numerous colors from green to black and red. Nowadays, the sunglasses from Lacoste are classic, round, rectangle, semi square and semi rectangle. These are the shapes, they are available in.

The materials for sunglasses production

The sunglasses from Lacoste are made from these materials:

1: Plastic

2: Metal

3: Rimless

These are comfortable sunglasses for men and very stylish too. The frames are so light and feel like feather on the nose. The lenses of Lacoste have one hundred percent ultra violet protection for the sensitive eye.

Quality management and testing is efficient

The Lacoste sunglasses are so famous and the sole reason is the quality materials they employ.

The Lacoste sunglasses are made under quality control systems and screening is done before product manufacturing.

But, the problem is that fake Lacoste sunglasses are also available in the market which is sold for a fraction of the price. But, they can’t provide the same quality. That is for sure. They are not durable and also are not as good as the originals. From start to end, they are mediocre. Every Lacoste sunglass has a crocodile logo embossed in it and they are present on the side. The customer is always right and deserves the best sunglasses.

Lacoste sunglasses and celebrities

There are numerous sport celebrities which are wearing and showcasing the Lacoste sunglasses. They are seen wearing it on different occasions and tennis matches.

The Lacoste sunglasses are famous among the masses and sports celebrities.

Let’s examine some sunglasses from the house of Lacoste.

1: L627S for women

These are expensive sunglasses for women costing 150 dollars. The colors available are:

1: Brown

2: Black/Grey

3: Cream/Butter

4: Lilac Rose

5: Green

It has a plastic frame and a regular hinge. The crocodile symbol is there on the arms. The lenses are CR-39. They are ultra violet radiation protected.

The cream/butter is the best among these four.

2: Carson L632S

It is available in:

1: Brown/Red

2: Grey/Black-White

3: Medium Havana brown

4: Grey/Green

They are priced at 140 dollars and have the same features as mentioned above. The Grey/Black-white is a personal favorite.

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