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Being born to Hamburger, an ex- model, and an institution Karl Anderson, Kors’ name was kept Karl Anderson, Jr. At the age of five his mother married again, and he was given an option to modify his family name. That was when he was to be called Michael David Kors.

It was at this time when his mother helped him to gain an insight of what was required to fulfill the demands of a woman when it came to clothing. Going to frequent shopping with his mother, he understood that simple and understated clothes are what look best on women. At the age of 10, he had already started designing T-shirts and vests for neighborhood girls.

Graduating from JFK high school, New York, Michael Kors started designing clothes at the age of 19. Though he attended classes at the Fashion Institute of technology, his real design training started when he began working at Lothars. Later, he was hired as a salesperson at a chic boutique, where his friendly personality led him to be the favorite for the customers.

Few years later, in 1981, he launched the line of womenswear at famous department stores. Had it not been the loyal support of his clients, this launch would have been impossible. The line was labeled under his name; Michael Kors. After being named the first women’s prêt-a-porter designer for the French Fashion house in 1997, he spent six years at Celine, launching other blockbuster accessories, after which he left to concentrate on his own label.

Two other lines were launched in 2004, in addition to the Michael Kors collection; The MICHAEL Michael Kors, which included women shoes, handbags, and ready-to-wear clothing; and the KORS Michael Kors, which contained jeans and footwear. This year, the brand celebrates its 30th year in this business.

His formula combines ease, luxury and simplicity, which symbolizes the past, present and the future of sportswear. His emphasis is always on luxury, which is evident in the fabrics he uses for the clothes he designs. After 18 years in business, he still works with the same principle that he started of with. He believes that no matter how fashion changes, women always want the same type of clothes. Clothes  that look good on them no matter what shape they are in, and that make them feel comfortable in any situation.

His customers are mostly working women, society ladies and celebrities. His brilliantly designed clothes, and legendary charm both contribute to an equal extent in his success. Not only do women buy his designed clothes, but also rely on his advice on what to wear at different occasions. His ability to talk to women, know about their frustrations when it comes to clothing, makes him understand what they want and reach his goal, which is to make women look good.

Apart from clothing, Michael Kors portfolio also includes accessories, fragrances and eyewear. Their optical collection combines luxurious lifestyle and everyday sophistication, with an impeccable sense of style. The material of the eyewear is made of plastic and metal. Consisting of exquisite materials, mixtures of texture and fabric, and brilliant craftsmanship, they deliver the combine taste of luxury and everyday routine.

Michael Kors eywear collection supplements a jet-set lifestyle. It consists of classic frames with fine construction and details. Profoundly polished metal with zyl carved from hand, takes the form of the bamboo. Lush hues of turquoise, peony and mango feature the designs. Alleviated details, with working joints inspired by vintage products define the collection.

The collection consists of frames for both, men and women, which feature the trademark style of the designer, who revives the modern touches in the classics. The sunglasses highlight the designers unique approach to trendy modern fashion. The metallic touch supports the sporty reputation of the brand, while gold branding employs a flash of luxury and glamour. The variety of colors in which the sunglasses are designed are black, violet, tortoise, brown and olive. Classic aviators and oversized sunglasses are the most prominent designs of the collection.

Michael Kors sunglasses are very popular among the celebrities. Some of the big names that wear these are Jennifer Lopez, Elissa, Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michelle Obama. Be it massive occasions, or everyday routine, these celebrities wear Michael Kors sunglasses to leave a fashion statement wherever they go. The reason to choose them over other companies is the same, comfort, style and luxury.

Today, Michael Kors is the leading designer for accessories and sportswear in the United States. Whether it’s casual outings, or formal functions, Michael Kors’ designs are worn by both men and women around the globe. Though Michael Kors just owns 15% of the company today, it still works on the same principles he had started on, and his unique approach satisfies the demand of every customer.


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