The history of Oakley and Oakley sunglasses



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The sunglasses giant Oakley is based in Foothill Ranch, California. Oakley as of speaking holds up to 600 patents including eyewear, equipment and performance gears. The main rivals of Oakley are Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Rudy Project, Wiley X, Safilo and Billabong. It is involved in the manufacture of

1: Shoes

2: Clothes

3: Backpacks

4: Prescription glasses

5: Wristwatches

6: Goggles

7: Sunglasses

8: Equipment

9: Bags

10: Sport visors

Oakley as we all know was started by Jim Jannard in the year 1975 with only 300 dollars in a garage. Oakley was the name of his dog. He sold the Oakley grip at Motocross racing events. But his motocross grips were different from others at that time. Oakley then went on to make many grips, gloves, elbow guards, goggle, number plates and chin guards.

In 1980 Jim brought out spectacular goggles called as O Frame. It had Oakley logo on it. He shot to fame with this product. He sold ski goggles from 1983.

The first sunglasses from the house of Oakley were Factory pilot eyeshades and Oakley frog skin. The former were for sports while the latter were for casual wear.

Oakley went public in 1995 and Jim kept 64.8 percent of Oakley Corporation. It was worth 820 million at the time. He was the second richest person in Orange County.

Many brands choose fashion over qualitative optics in their sunglasses. But Oakley sunglasses are a bit different. Oakley strives to improve the efficiency of the eyeglasses and support fashion at the same time. They have a superior class of their own.

Now Transition Visible INC has reached an agreement with Oakley for producing sunglasses which modify according to lighting. The durability of the Oakley sunglasses is unquestioned and so is the impact level. But such type of sunglass is a bit dangerous for the human eye. Serious injuries may occur if the requirements are not fulfilled. For producing these sunglasses no margin for error is required.

The Oakley sunglasses have literally taken the protection of the eye to the next level. No other branded sunglasses offer such genuine option. These sunglasses over exceed the ANSI protection guidelines. Most people prefer Oakley sunglasses over other brands.

The best sunglasses from the house of Oakley are the Oakley Separated Thump which contains superior visual quality. It is also equipped with MP3 player and speakers. So you can listen to your favorite songs while on the go.

These sunglasses are quite costly by the way. The Oakley Separated thump is priced at 250-300 dollars. These designer sunglasses are out of budget with prices reaching 700 dollars per piece. But one can safely choose Oakley sunglasses over expensive designer sunglasses any given day.

The polarized model of Oakley is a class apart. They have the Oakley logo and made of O Matter material. These are high definition sunglasses and are not the usual sports sunglasses. The precision is very high.

Many notable celebrities have worn the Oakley sunglasses. These big celebrities include the likes of Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Kate moss and Jessica Alba. Now Oakley has released its new frog skin TR90. It is better known as memory plastic and it is very soft and comfortable to sport. It can not be broken that easily. The 2012 Oakley sunglasses can absorb chromatography. Oakley can also block out the sun rays.  With the hot sun above your head, it is advisable to wear Oakley sunglasses to cool down your eyes. The Oakley sunglasses can protect you from ultra violet radiations as well. They are first in eye security.


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